Are there exams to write?

There are no official exams, but we encourage Local Group leaders to give you the opportunity to either present a written assignment and give a short oral presentations of that assignment where possible.  The point of this is to allow students to learn from one another and to make sure that the material has been grasped and has benefited them in their actual ministries.

Individual learners will be asked to submit assignments and Local Groups will be asked to submit at least 2 of the group member’s assignments before enrolling for the next group of modules.  This is so that we can monitor your learning experience and ensure you are getting the most out of the courses.  It will also help us to improve on course material where necessary.

What requirements are there for me to enrol?

You do not need to have any previous theological training.

However, there are two things we will want you to assure us about:

  • That you are involved in a ministry upon which you can reflect, and into which you can apply what you are learning – learning on the job.
  • That you make every effort to learn with at least one other person and not on your own – learning happens better in community where you are stimulated more, are kept on track with your time, and where others can hold you accountable to practice what you are learning.

What if I can’t afford the fees?

Our fees are scaled to cover our costs, but if you cannot afford to pay the full amount please apply to enrol anyway.  In the application form there is space to explain your situation.  We will be keen to assist in your situation where we can.

What are Local Learning Groups and can I start one?

  • These are self-formed, closed groups at a church, a small group or  a group of friends who want to enrol for a group of modules, one stream in that year, or one semester (see Course Contents).
  • Anyone can create a group, receive the material and run it in their own way.
  • The group is closed and is not advertised on our website as a ‘Porterbrook’ Group.
  • The leader would email the South African Co-ordinator to say what modules they want to study.
  • We would then inform the group leader of current costs and options / discounts for large numbers.
  • The Porterbrook coordinator will give advice on leading a group.
  • This Local Group learns together at their own pace in the year.
  • Members of the Local Group would each be given a student code which would give them access to the Student Area on the international Porterbrook Website for your module(s) for one full year.

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